ThatchMarshal 8000 and 9000

thatch fire retardant

Thatch Marshal is a South African manufactured product and it holds third party labs certification, complies with SANS 10407 and conforms with ASTM E 108 specifications.

Two products are offered in this catalogue: Thatch Marshal 8000 original base formula and Thatch Marshal 9000 for a super concentrate formula for more aggressive applications. This formula is of a more viscous property offering a superior protective layer but less of a refined finish.

- more than 35 years of combined experience in the fire protection and retardant industry
- It is a chemical that swells and resists the accelerated process of fire that in many cases brings it to a halt
- Thatch Marshal 8000 is clear and non odorous, non toxic when dry and non flammable solvents
- It is also environmental  and pet friendly, it dilutes easily even when in contact with nature
- We apply 0,9 liters per m2 for exterior and 0,3 liters per m2 to the interior of Thatch with a high pressure pump and penetrates the thatch approximately 75mm

- It extends the life of your thatch and reduces their maintenance periods
- It provides increased dust and water resistance
- It binds the thatch together making it more difficulty to get damaged by wind
- It inhibits the growth of fungus, reducing sinus and allergies
- many insurance companies validate it and decrease your insurance premiums
- on completion we issue a certificate of application that should be handed over to your insurance broker
- our application is valid for a period of (5)five years dependent of weather abrasion and aggression to your particular geographic location
- applied in conjunction with our Emergency Control Barrier you can achieve an integral solution for the protection of your investment
- we also supply Rational certificates if required for building and construction

Observations and Special Conditions that may affect the integrity of our product, re-application may be required to the affected area:
- When thatch is brushed or disturbed in any way after treatment is done
- Infestation damaged due to any type of rodents, insects, ants and worms
- Thatch deterioration or rot conditions and evidence of poor maintenance
- When thatch becomes damaged due to natural disasters such as floods, cyclones and heavy destructive hails
- Use of other chemical retardant agents or brands

See our product in action ..

what they say
Fire Protected Thatch Houses with Thatch Marshal 8000 gives no clear indication of its agents at the surface as it is invisible and odorless. Once touched the difference is apparent of its treatment giving you that sense of confidence. Thatch fire protection methods reduce propagation of fire by starving the fire mix from oxygen thus bringing it to a halt.

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