Mine Marshal 8000 for Timber, Marine and Electrical Cables

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Mine Marshal is a South African manufactured product and it holds third party labs certification, complies with SANS 10407 and conforms with ASTM E 108 specifications. Mine MARSHAL 8000 is specific for the use on Timber and Electrical Cable applications.

- More than 35 years of combined experience in the fire protection and retardant industry
- It is a chemical that swells and resists the accelerated process of fire that in many cases brings it to a halt
- Mine Marshal 8000 is clear and non odorous, non toxic when dry and non flammable solvents
- It is also environmental and pet friendly, it dilutes easily even when in contact with nature
- It extends the life of your timber or product applied onto and reduces maintenance periods
- It provides increased dust and water resistance
- Unlike ThatchMarshal that needs to be applied with a pressure pump, MineMarshal can be applied by any maintenance personel without the need of specialised tools
- Used in all timber material application like rafters, doors, planks window sills, wooden frames, etc
- Other main uses include in the impregnation of electrical cables where fire hazard is at a risk of ignition and combustion
- Used widely in the mining and construction industry to safe guard and protection destruction by fire
- Extremely versatile and useful on Marine applications in the fire protection of cabins, engine rooms and safe areas - Many insurance companies validate it and decrease your insurance premiums
- On completion we issue a certificate of application that should be handed over to your insurance broker
- We also supply Rational certificates if required for building and construction

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For Steel and Structural Beams please drop us a request as this product already achieved certification and production stage. Excellent for the marine and shipping industry.

Getting it all on track for marine applications

Timber and electrical cable fire protection methods reduce propagation of fire by starving the fire mix from oxygen thus bringing it to a halt.

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