Textile Marshal 8000

thatch fire retardant

Textile Marshal is a South African manufactured product and it holds third party labs certification, complies with SANS 10407 and conforms with ASTM E 108 specifications.

Great product for use in the textile and drappery industry. Whether you are a manufacturer or an events organisation you want to ensure your assets are always insuranced and free from risk of destruction and loss.

- more than 35 years of combined experience in the fire retardant industry
- Textile Marshal is an entumescent chemical that swells and resists the accelerated process of fire that in many cases brings it to a halt
- Textile Marshal 8000 is clear and non odorous, non toxic when dry and non flammable solvents
- It is also environmental  and pet friendly, it dilutes easily even when in contact with nature
- It is applied by spraying the garments at a controlled ratio porpotionally and without saturation ensuring an evenly distributed application through the fabric.
- Following our instructions you can apply it yourself or have us to execute this application to ensure a finished product
- Our ratio and application method guarantee you loads of material flexibility and maliability

- It extends the life of your thatch and reduces their maintenance periods
- It provides fire protection, reduced dust and water resistance
- It binds the fabric envenly and thinly together making it more difficulty to get damaged
- It inhibits the growth of fungus, reducing sinus and allergies
- many insurance companies validate it and decrease your insurance premiums
- on completion we issue a certificate of application that should be handed over to your insurance broker
- used in all industries where textile and fabrics are employed and have a requirement for increased protection and durability

Use it to protect curtains, worksuits, hand gloves, etc in hospitals, event organisations, glass, mining, steel and welding industry and any other application required to protection fabrics.


whats to look at
Efficient protection against fire and burns in the welding, mining, refining, fire stations and many other industries.

fire protected welding gloves protective fire worksuits
fire stations protective clothing impregnating curtain