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South African intumescents manufacturer offering fire protection and retardants for Thatch, Timber, Marine, Textiles, Load Supporting Beams, Bonding Additive Agent and Bush Control Barriers

Thatch Roof spray

Thatch Fire Protection

Thatch fire protection and especially "fire retardation" Thatch Marshal 8000 is the answer from our product shelves. It is applied on thatch roofs with of a high pressure pump pushing out 2.5 to 3bar. With a know how and a specialised technique it ensures a perfect and hermetic shell to the roofs integrity. The extra remaining benefits of this application is also of high importance.

Timber fire protection

Protection for Timber, Marine and Electrical Cables

Mine Marshal 8000 extremely versatile product now with improved formula offering fire retardant applications for mining, building, marine, electrical industry. Rogue and durable chemical agent for the most stringent applications and uses in the retardants and fire protection use. Mine Marshal is also used for the protection of steel beams in the civil industry and build of factories.

textile fire protection

Protection for Textile products

The textile and drapery industry now has a helping hand. Many applications are granted to assure you of protection at first hand. Textile Marshal 8000 is the winner in this region of protection to this kind of industry also also very efficient.

Fire Retardation

for Thatch, Timber, Textiles, Electric Cable protection, Mine Applications, Bonding Additive and Bushveld Barrier Control

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Our Products

redFireLabs is a company with a division now based in Jeffreys Bay. We are in the Eastern Cape area servicing PE, Jeffreys Bay, St Francis Bay, Humansdorp, Patensie and surrounding areas. We supply a range of Fire retardant products to the residential and industrial industry. Due to complexity and sensitivity on some of our products where training and the use of specialised equipment is a requirement we prefer to execute applications ourselves. Certifications are included in our applications.

Thatch Marshal 8000

Intumescent agent specially developed for the prevention of fire in Thatch Roofs. Water based solution free of sulfates and phosphates. Many other advantages to the regards of Thatch Maintenance [see our Fire protection Blog]

Thatch Marshal 9000

It is an enhanced version and variation of the previous and successful Thatch Marshal 8000 Super concentrate formula [watch our video]

Mine Marshal 8000

Intumescent developed for the Timber, Marine applications, Electrical Cable and Structural Steel industries fire protection and retardation. Main uses for the building and mining applications.

Mine Marshal Reducer Formula

Efficient thinner protective layer product, mainly used for applications in the pervention and propagation of fire on materilas where permeation has a level of difficulty to reach areas. Usually for objets and areas with hidding corners and holes.

Textile Marshal 8000

Another successful product developed for impregnating of textiles and tapestry industry in the prevention and reduction of heat and fire. Ease and safe usage in heated environments.

Fire Control Barriers

For environmental usage on bushveld areas where barriers are a main requirement.

Super Concentrate Bonding Additive

Very popular and successful product for the construction industry in the prevention of cracks. Add it to your plaster mortar, polly filler, concrete floors, crete and floor color additives, and anywhere that you want to add a strength layer to your mix. Super Concentrate is very soluble, easy to use, last long due to its concentrate.

Super Phosphate Pellets

Fertilisers of super slow release of phosphates in the cultivation of agricultural areas.

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